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Jon Freeman

Visioning the Future

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What would it take to live in contentment with money, economics and capitalism?

Capitalism’s design is obsolete.  We know that money systems are not delivering happiness, sustainability or stability and need to respond to basic questions.  What has to change for us to be happier?  What does it take to create a healthy and sustainable relationship with money in tune with its original purpose – supporting human personal, business and commercial interactions?   This book examines:-

1. our personal attitudes and emotions about money

2. our collective beliefs and illusions about money

3. the ways that those attitudes and beliefs have driven personal and organisational behaviour

4. how they shaped the systems that we have built to operate money and how these systems have become so obviously inadequate to our needs.

The result is a joined-up presentation of how we can change and how our systems can support that.  It results in a set of proposals that are intended to support the redesign.


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Meet Jon

Jon Freeman is a systems thinker and visionary futurist, finding simple solutions in an increasingly complex world.  My expertise is in understanding how our thinking systems shape our experience and how they have shaped our world.  When we change how we think we can reshape the world in order to create more of the future choices that we would like to have.

Reinventing Capitalism addresses our thoughts and feelings about money and the systems that we have created.  Money is one of the biggest and most influential cornerstones of our existence.  I also write about science because this is another of our big illusions about reality.  When we shift our awareness in these areas, we are a significant part of the way to a better and more sustainable world.


This site exists to support the book, as a Blog, a contact point and a location for additional material associated with the book.  

It also acts as a primary resource for the “Crowdwisdom” project.

I hope that you will read the book, but even if you don’t:-

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